🗣️ New German “Thorsten” TTS model released 🎉

YEARS of passion for open voice tech,
MONTH of recording sessions,
WEEKS of computed training time,
DAYS of audio optimiziation,
HOURS of disillusion.

All for that ONE MOMENT, to share next generation of open “Thorsten-Voice” with the community!

This model is based on a completely new recorded and optimized voice dataset (Thorsten-22.05-neutral).

It’s trained using Coqui 🐸 TTS (for all “TTS-Insiders”, it’s a VITS model).


- pip install tts==0.7.1
- tts-server --model_name tts_models/de/thorsten/vits
- Open webbrowser on http://localhost:5002

Just have fun 🗣️🎉😄

Dominik & Thorsten

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