Free Deutsch (🇩🇪) TTS

A high-quality free German/Deutsch artificial TTS voice that can be generated offline should be available to any project free of charge and without any licensing restrictions.

Thorsten Müller and Dominik Kreutz have been working on free TTS in deutsch (🇩🇪) since October 2019. This is how the project came about.


No matter what area you come from:

  • Private craft project
  • Open source/community project
  • Education/Research/Science
  • Commercial company

No matter what area you are interested in:

  • Smart language assistants
  • Navigation systems
  • Smart homes
  • Speaking refrigerators
  • Reading out screen pages (accessibility)
  • Interactive robotics

Based on more than 35,000 free audio recordings (CCO license) and machine learning (AI), an artificial german/deutsch (🇩🇪) TTS voice was trained that is available to everyone.

I wish there was a Youtube channel offering news and technical walkthroughs around open voice technology?Anonymous 😉

Ah, there is one – mine 😆. If you are interested in Open Voice technology please consider on subscribing to my Youtube channel:

Who needs TTS for free and for what?

  • Content creator for spoken audio on YouTube / Instagram / Tik Tok videos or as a podcast co-moderator. Of course also as part of live streams on Twitch.
  • Schools in the creation of (student) IT projects with voice output without internet requirements or costs.
  • Technology-savvy people and software developers who want to integrate my voice into their own applications.
  • Open source projects for local speech output.
  • Education / Science / Research.
  • Commercial companies that want to integrate local speech into their products.
  • Screen reader in the context of accessibility.
  • Anyone interested in free and high-quality artificial speech (Text to Speech / TTS).
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